I’m Robert Ciborowski, a software engineer in Toronto.

Work Experience



Software Engineer Intern React, PHP, SQL, LLVM, Clang

Constructed the front & back-ends of development tools for Facebook’s repositories.

Used LLVM and Clang to write code optimization tools that are interacted with using a React UI.


RBC Capital Markets

AI Engineer Python, PyTorch, Cassandra, KDB, Pandas, Numpy, Kafka.

Improved code architecture of Aiden, a reinforcement learning algorithm which has traded over $100 billion in securities, so that the architecture is cleaner, more computationally efficient and scalable.

Created a transfer learning tool which was used to reduce the training time of a new trading algorithm from several months to 2 weeks while costing less money to train.

Built and ran experiments for various machine learning models to collect and report their performance.

Improved trading performance by creating a new rewards system for the RL model to learn from.


Rules Cube

Machine Learning Engineering Intern AWS, React, Node.js, TensorFlow, Python, Pandas, Numpy

Built a machine learning API using AWS services such as EC2, ECS, SQS, DynamoDB, Amplify and CodePipeline.

Wrote an image annotation tool using React, Javascript and Auth0.

Led a team of 10 annotators to double a dataset’s size to 10,000 images.

Redesigned a natural language processing model for improved inference speed and 4% higher accuracy.


Computer Science at the University of Toronto

Graduating with Bachelor's in May 2023
Specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Minoring in Statistics, Economics
GPA: 3.79/4.0, Honors: Dean’s List (6 semesters)
Relevant Courses: Data Structures, Systems Programming, Software Design, Enriched Theory of Computation, Mathematical Reasoning for Computer Science, Calculus I & II, Statistics for Computer Science, Linear Algebra

Top Projects


Google Cloud, AR, MongoDB, React

A social network that allows users to scan creative works (food, figurines, lego), which can then be experienced by followers in alternate reality. Won 1st place and side-challenges at UofT Hacks IX.



C++, OpenGL, OpenAL, Python, Blender

A Kickstarter-funded retro-styled 3D game built with a custom game engine. Inspired by Portal and Undertale. Features rhythmic battles and puzzles.



TensorFlow, Python, OpenCV

Detects atopic eczema & acne vulgaris in newborn children using machine learning. Device was 3D printed and uses a Raspberry Pi. Awarded "Top 5 Projects" at NewHacks 2020.


Civilization V Mods

Lua, XML

Steam workshop mods for Sid Meier's Civilization V, one of which was in the top 3 mods of the week for several weeks.


Game Console


A game console with a monochrome display, buttons and speakers. Drivers and accompanying dinosaur game were written in C.

16-bit Computer

6502, 16-bit assembly

A 16-bit computer using a W65C02S microprocessor, 8 KB EEPROM, 32KB RAM, NAND Gate chip, Hex Inverter and 3-8 decoder.

FIRST Robotics


FRC Team 854's robots for the 2017 & 2018 FIRST Robotics Competitions. Included proportional integral derivative controllers, custom encoders, input filters and autonomous robot modes. Won the 2017 Fall Fiesta in Toronto.